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About Android OTT Box
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Android TV box is also called Android TV box or Google TV box, is the company released a new product, it will be the traditional TV box on Google's Android, with Internet connection, make TV a like smartphones, tablets of intelligence platform, the Internet and television together, become a new entertainment system.Can be installed by the user to uninstall software, games and other applications, to achieve "the application of the content of the infinite, infinite" this kind of TV.And traditional TV watching the program are fixed and cannot access to the Internet, also can't control with consumer his be fond of TV programs, don't have the content and application can be loaded.

Android set-top boxes, like smart phones, refers to that it has full open platform, carrying the android operating system, can by the user to install and uninstall software, third party service providers such as game procedures, through such procedures continuously extended the function of the TV, and can be done by cable, wireless Internet surfing a nomenclature of a new generation of set-top boxes.

Connection on the TV, traditional TV can be upgraded to become a standard of smart TV, with brigitte d as a representative of the android set-top box manufacturers, to provide users with more affordable smart TV solutions, to provide more entertainment, education solution for home users, completely beyond the concept of traditional television.

Android set-top boxes, let television have access to the Internet, network video, play games, look at books, listen to music, and other functions, make TV a low-cost tablet Android set-top boxes, is not only a high-definition player, is a kind of brand-new man-machine interaction pattern, is different from the computer, and is different from the touch screen, the Android set-top box is equipped with infrared sensor bar, generally USES the air flying squirrels, remote control so that it can be convenient to realize all kinds of single point on the touch screen operation, easy to play on TV the angry birds, plants vs zombies and other classic game.

Android set-top box into a wireless router:
Step 1: enter the Settings from the my application
Step 2: close the WIFI Settings
Step 3: insert the cable into the network interface, click more options
Step 4: configure Ethernet or PPPoe Settings
Step 5: open portable hot in more options
Step 6: configure a password and click save

And the difference between traditional set-top box
Network access different

Simply stated, "android STB" can be considered a through the INTERNET INTERNET video show "box".That is ordinary set-top box by coaxial cable, is take the cable TV network;Android is cable set-top boxes, is the Internet.
Main function of different

Traditional TV to watch the shows are fixed and cannot access to the Internet, also can't control with consumer his be fond of TV programs, don't have the content and application can be loaded.And connected to the android set-top boxes, via cable or wireless WIFI access to the Internet, on TV, online chat for the web browsing, video, film and video, games, entertainment, online movies and television can dominate TV programs according to oneself be fond of, also can install the application.
Content is different
, from the content point of view, ordinary set-top box is receiving each TV channel, and the android STB is through the Internet to realize all kinds of the same functions as the computer, such as: online to watch movies and TV, games, entertainment, web browsing, microblogging, blog, email, online chat, etc.

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