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SUPVIN become one of the leading Company specialized in providing an open android based hardware and software platform for OTT Android boxes with embedded digital TV tuner in it, video capturing devices and video converter devices. We also have a wide range of product lines for your potential customers, such as content providers, service providers and telco operators. Our main focus is on android based smart devices, including hardware and software which allows us to adapt swiftly to make changes in the OTT and Hybrid Android boxes to match the specified needs for our customers.

With over 12 years of experience in the video and TV industry and working together with PC/TV brand leaders we have been able to become a global player. Currently there are over 130 employees that keep on striving for innovation and time to market to deliver our customers their desired needs. With our own Research and Development department (f.e. hardware, driver porting, kernel modification) we are able to adapt quickly to changes and combined with our own factory we are capable of serving customers swiftly and globally. We find it very important to keep a good and long lasting relation with our customers in order to jointly develop the markets and benefit from it. M8TV  is the company that has the design for you, manufactured by us!

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